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Reverse Osmosis in the Boilerhouse

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Reducing Boiler House Costs

Scale Free Boiler – Increased Efficiency
Boiler Stability – Steam Purity
Condensate Line Corrosion Eliminated
Fuel Savings – Reduced Boiler Blowdown
Simplified Chemical Regime – Chemical Savings
Reduced Chemical Costs
Unified Water Treatment Programme
Environmental Impact– Reduced Chemical Discharge

Hydroklear Packaged Water Treatment Plants:
Water Softener – Carbon Filter – Reverse Osmosis
Chemical Treatment Programme
Simple, low-cost chemical package suitable for most boiler installations

Typical Boiler Blowdown – B/X Softener V Reverse Osmosis

Estimated Gas prices £300.00 1000 m3
Heat of liquid @ 200psi 200 kg-cal/kg
Heat of liquid @ 150C 16 kg-cal/kg
Boiler efficiency 80%
Fuel efficiency 9000 kg-cal/m3
Fuel used 1m3 blowdown 25.6m3
Cost of fuel used 1m3 blowdown £7.68
Boiler Make-Up Flow m3h-1 5
Raw Water- Alkalinity -TDS mgl-1 100 – 350
Boiler – Alkalinity -TDS mgl-1 700 – 3500
Softened Water Make Up Blowdown-m3/day 17
RO Permeate Make Up Blowdown-m3/day 0.75
Daily Fuel Saving £ £124.75
Annual Fuel Saving £ £45,000.00