Overseas Work – Designer Water


Hydroklear (HKS) were approached by an old customer with a new water problem requiring a unique solution.  More so as the plant was based in Hanoi, Vietnam rather than in Paisley (as had been the previous plant).  HKS were asked to provide a water treatment scheme that would treat the process water needed to ensure correct dye adherence to the threads was achieved, even when the water quality was very poor.

The Solution

HKS designed, built and shipped to Hanoi a full water treatment plant operating in multiple stages.  HKS then provided “flat ‐pack” style instructions to allow client to assembly the equipment and complete the installation before HKS sent over a commissioning team.  HKS then provided full commissioning support as well as support via telephone, and Skype.

The Result

Following full commissioning, client was able to be confident that the plant provided would ensure that the quality of product leaving the factory was 100%.

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