Chemical Dosing Rigs & Equipment

Hydroklear are proud to offer our 100% in-house designed, fabricated, manufactured & wired dosing rigs to our clients specifications / needs.
For a number of years Hydroklear has provided chemical dosing rigs for municipal and industrial applications.  A selection of standard designs is available, but each package can be tailored for the individual client and / or site.  As Hydroklear has no exclusivity agreements pumps can be sourced from any manufacturer.

Standard data:

  • Pump types: progressive cavity, peristaltic, diaphragm
  • Composition: PP or PVC (either standard PVC-U or PVC-C)
  • Pipework materials: PVC, PP, PVDF, ABS
  • Minimum flow: 0.05 l/hr
  • Maximum flow: around 3,000 l/hr
  • Operating pressure: 16 bar (low flow applications), 3 bar (high flow applications)

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For further information regarding any of the products listed above, please feel free to call us on 01505 681 670.
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