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Hydroklear provide the best solution for water treatment equipment and services, such as Chemical Dosing Rigs, Chemical Dosing Packages, Drinking Water Treatment, Effluent Treatment, Ultra-pure Water Packages, Water Softeners, Deminisraliser, Settlement systems etc. We are a family-run organisation, operating in the UK and Overseas water industry for more than 20 years. We offer a professional service in everything that we do and provide, only providing the most appropriate solution to your challenges.


In-house design services range from the design of complete processes. Where appropriate, design work is preceded by monitoring and analysis of the waste or water treatment task, risk assessment, audit reporting, feasibility studies and treat ability studies. Design can include control systems and equipment as well as process items.

Support Services

Hydroklear offers a wide range of customer support services, including consultancy, plant management and remote operation of processes, as well as a complete range of process chemicals.

Site-based Activities

Hydroklear install or supervise the installation of all equipment and provide commissioning services. Post-installation services include plant inspection, preventative and 24 hour breakdown maintenance packages, operation and management of plant to suit all requirements. Plant upgrading and refurbishment are also undertaken.

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